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 February has been a very busy month!  We were very excited to have Holly Peterson, a MSU Professor, bring her students majoring in Deaf Education to our classroom to teach sign language to the students.  The children learned how to sign various animals as well as the words candy, chocolate, I love you and friends.  The kids also were given the opportunity to do a craft, brought by the students.  It was a fabulous experience and we hope to have them back in April.

We also were lucky enough to have a dental hygienist from Dakota Kids Dentisty come to talk to us about ways to keep our teeth healthy.  A "BIG" thanks to Dr. Behm for the toothbrushes and packets!

 Spring Conferences will be held during your child's regular class time on Thursday March 7th an Friday March 8th.  Reserve your 15 minute time slot by signing up on the clipboard, located out in the hall, or by calling Cindy at 839-8798.  Conferences will begin at 7:30 am. 


 On March 25t and 26th we will begin taking pictures of the children or our PowerPoint presentation that will be shown to you in May.  Please try hard to have your children in school on thee days if possible.  Judy Winje was kind enough to come back to Escuela to help take pictures.

 We hope that you all enjoyed the Valentne Program.  It was wonderful seeing so many parents and grandparents.  Our next program wil be the Parents Program on May 1st and 2nd.  Please mark your calendars!  The party will last 1 hour.  We hope to see you there.


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