What kind of learning takes place at Escuela? Learning activities are planned to provide successful experiences to four and five year olds in the following areas: 

MATH....includes games, activities and materials which familiarize the children with identification of shapes, counting, one to one relationships, and with the concepts of quantity, measurements, sorting and comparisons.

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT.... includes word games, stories, finger plays, rhyming, dramatization,  opposites, beginning sounds, show and tell, dictation, recording discussions and experiences to increase communication skills.

MUSIC....includes singing of simple songs, use of creative movement, and sometimes dramatization. Rhythm instruments are used as well as tapes and records to add variety to music time. Three brief programs are presented to parents during the school year. (see calendar)

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES....are encouraged not only through group games but also by providing free play time when cooperative play can result. Activities available include those requiring less interaction like work at the sensory table or playdough table, the puzzle area or art table, to those encouraging more cooperative work with the blocks, cars, train or play in the kitchen, dress-up area, and pretend area (office, doctor's clinic, pet shop, card shop, beauty shop, etc.)

SCIENCE....includes experiments, books, activities and objects for observation and manipulation. Cause and effect relationships are discovered. Children are encouraged to think, observe and ask questions. Some typical units include light, water, plants, animals, hibernation and migration, dinosaurs, rocks, the sky, wind, butterflies, color mixing and nutrition.

SPANISH.... includes counting, learning courtesy expressions, Spanish songs and vocabulary describing the various parts of Pepe, our Spanish friend.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT.... is encouraged indoors by provision of a jungle gym, slide, basketball hoop, balance beam, tunnels, and plenty of space for large muscle activities during free play. Group games and exercises also increase physical skill and coordination. Creative movement activities are provided often.

ART....includes projects which reinforce learning activities of the day or help illustrate the story. Some are didactic and develop eye-hand coordination; others develop imagination and individuality. Teachers do not compare children or their work but offer encouragement and positive reinforcement for creativity. At this level, the process is more important than the end product. The Art Lady provides interesting materials and encourages and inspires children to discover on their own. Children feel capable and talented at our art station.

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