Escuela Philosophy

Escuela has been in operation since 1972 when Linda Gresham and Judy Winje founded the school to create an environment rich in learning opportunities for their own preschoolers. The goals were to foster a joy in learning, to assist in developing a positive self image in each child and to promote social growth. That philosophy still exists today.

Escuela, the Spanish word for school, is a licensed preschool attended by children who are four years old by December 31st of the school year in which they are enrolled. It is located inside First Presbyterian Church, 1000 NE 3rd, Minot, N.D. Escuela is not affiliated with the church.

 Benefits of Preschool

  1. They feel independent. They have a place of their own to do their "work".

  2. They delight in being with other children; finding and working with a friend. They even learn from disagreements as they are encouraged to talk out problems and find fair compromises.

  3. They learn basic rules - behavior that is not permitted, things that can or can't be touched, when to play, when to listen, etc.

  4. They learn facts and skills by asking, touching, moving, looking, listening and wondering. They expand vocabularies with many stories, songs, experiments and discussions.
  5. They learn what life is all about through play. It is children's work, the foundation of imagination, creativity, curiosity, skills, social development, physical development, language, independence and more.
  6. They learn that school can be a place where you dare to guess at answers and try new activities. When age appropriate challenges are faced in preschool, children get in the habit of stretching and growing greater comfort intellectual, physical and emotional comfort levels. Risk-taking in a safe environment promotes high self esteem.



All of our teachers have degrees, CPR training, warm hearts and a love and respect for young children. They are affiliated with the National Association for the Education of Young Children which promotes age-appropriate activities for children   0 to 8 years old. Escuela teachers work with enthusiasm because they like what they do and because it makes a difference in a child's attitude toward learning. All Escuela teachers embrace the Escuela philosophy to value individuality and the creative spirit. They encourage experimentation, a trying attitude, problem solving, cooperation, responsibility, fantasy, and fun.


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